Buying Potential

Found the perfect location, but the house is not quite right?

Take some inspiration from the multitude of home renovation programs on TV and the glossy pages of the magazines. That ugly duckling may be ripe for transformation.

With careful planning and the right builder, renovating an existing home can prove to be an excellent property investment and provide your ultimate lifestyle.

Move Ahead – By Staying Put

Considering building a new home but are worried about the cost of selling your existing home and the add-on costs of buying?

Your perfect lifestyle solution may be to stay where you are, spending the cost of selling/buying on a fantastic renovation.

Sunraysia Lifestyle Developments offers building services from a simple deck, a bedroom extension or new bathroom through to a full scale home renovation.

We also assist with professional advice on:
  • Navigating the Red Tape
  • Site Assessment & Council Planning Restrictions
  • Plan Development, Securing Permits & Building Approvals
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